Casa Sarticola



The Regional Natural Park of Monte Marcello Magra was established in 1995. Located in Liguria, in the Province of La Spezia, and includes the promontory of Monte Marcello, the lower course of the river Magra and the lower and middle reaches of the river Vara, its main tributary . From the top of the Caprione promontory, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the breath-taking view of the Gulf of La Spezia in the west, and the fertile plain of the river Magra, to the east. Appreciated by the Romans, who founded the settlement of Luni, the area alternates crops river and wetlands where waterfowl nest in areas highly compromised.

The park, created by the merger of the former river park and the protected area of Monte Marcello, represents an experiment in rehabilitation of degraded areas. The most intact river stretch of the park is made ​​up of the Vara, a tributary of the Magra. In the valley dominate historical centers and castles, as well as ancient water mills.


Distance : 15 Km

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